I'm hungry, I gotta feed my brain !
I'm so excited, like I was dropping an atomic bomb !
I want action, I feel like screaming the Blues !
I want a little bit of class and a little bit of trash

I'm not the man I used to be, the man I used to be is dead
He was found lying in a back alley with a bullet in his head
A change of name, a change of attitude and it feels like a brand new beginning
I feel so good I swear if I was God I'd forgive everyone and everything

There's a hole in my heart where my future used to be
And I feel much lighter now, I feel much better now
Because some of you may be satisfied with these 24 hours in the day
But I tell you, I need much more'crucify my body and saturate my soul

I felt like dead 'till twenty three
My eyes were sealed, I couldn't see
But I was born at twenty four
Feeling something I'd never felt before
I opened up my eyes and realised
What I thought was hell was paradise
I felt like dead 'cause I couldn't see
What life was really meant to be
I was really down at twenty two
Nothing to care about'nothing to do


I felt something strange in my head
My eyes watered, my ears bled
I was reborn at twenty three
Born again'born free
A different feeling, a new sensation
Black'n'white turned into panavision
I was really down at twenty three
Now I feel real fine, I feel brand new

You can do the Twist or the Mashed Potato
You can do the Jerk or the Watusi
The Cha cha cha, the Hully Gully
Do anything you want but you gotta dance
Dance motherfucker dance

You can do the Bird and the Chicken too
The Funky penguin, the Boogaloo
You can try to Breakdance or do the Memphis train
From screaming Be bop to Old Skool Hip Hop
Dance motherfucker dance

And the world keeps turning round and round
Without any meaning, without a single sound
So keep on hiding behind cigarette smoke
Second hand dreams and pathetic hopes.
Take a look at my face, take a look at my body
Can't you see that I'm younger than you'll ever be ?
Because you look like you're dead, dead from the neck up
But something inside keep moving your feet
Dance motherfucker dance

Well the future ain't what it used to be
We've all been fooled, can't you see
All this crap about flying saucers, all these games of Space Invaders
Nobody sees'and nobody cares
That it means nothing'and it leads nowhere
I'm disappointed'really disappointed

Looking back is too depressing
But what comes ahead ain't too sparkling
Nothing ever ever happens, nothing ever ever changes
One step forward'two steps back
I guess that's what it's all about
I'm disappointed' but I say'

Well, one step forward and two steps back
I'm not so sure I'm on the right track
I took a road I thought paved with gold but the driving was out of my control
I took this road I went straight ahead
It leaded nowhere nowhere at all
I'm disappointed really disappointed

I've met everyone ther was to meet
In the dustbins of History
Now I wanna live on Easy Street but something tells me it's not for me
One step forward two steps back
The future ain't what it used to be
I'm disappointed but I still say


I don't need help ! I need a miracle !
I say I don't need help ! I need a miracle !
I gotta talk to Jesus ! Put me on the line !
I gotta talk to Jesus right now !

Don't touch me ! Don't come near me !
I'm contagious, I irradiate !
My body is clean but not my soul
It's not help I need, it's a goddamn miracle !

Save me a place on the Gospel Train !
Save me a place on the Gospel Train !
I got to go ! Gotta go to heaven !
And I gotta go right now !

I don't need help ! I need a miracle !
Gotta hitch a ride on the Gospel Train !
Oh Lord have mercy ! Mercy on me !
And if you can't save me, save at least my body !

Call no doctor ! Call no priest !
Only You can do it, only You can save me !
Save me from myself, oh save me !
I need a miracle !


I do my best not to show it but I have to admit
I don't feel so good, no I don't feel so good
Trembling hands bloodshot eyes
Feel like I'm burning feel like I'm freezing
I made a princess out of you - you made a loser out of me

And when I pass in front of the bathroom miror
I don't like what I see, I don't recognize me
It may look like I'm dancing but I'm shakin'
I'm shakin'
I made a princess out of you - you made a loser out of me

Your deep blue empty eyes - your karaoke smile
The shape of your body under those expensive clothes
I can't go on like this I can't go on like this
I start cracking I'm really shakin'
I made a princess out of you - you made a loser out of me


OH YEAH ? ! !
1999 wasn't such a good year
There's been deaths, deceptions and despair
I realise I'm not so young anymore
I guess by now I should know the score
I remember a time when everything went well
I used to fly high and then I fell
I remember the songs I used to sing
I remember everything but who cares ?

1999 wasn't such a good year
Some of my close friends became strangers
It took me a while but now I realise
This world is not made for angels
I miss the Ronettes and the pretty songs they sang
They used to cheer me up when I was feeling down
I miss the Ronettes and the Shangri La's too
But most of all, I think i'm missing you but not that much

And all of the good things
And all of the bad things
All that I did and all I did not
And all that I said
And all that I've concealed
All of the truth and all of the lies
I remember, I remember everything
But I sing


You used to be my guiding light, then you became my downfall
There are those who rise to the sky and those who fall and fall
Falling in love, falling apart, losing my head, losing my heart
Losing things I didn't even knew I had, I sold my soul for you, I gave up my dreams for you
I knew it was doomed from the start but I can't wait to see the end
You've hurted me and you'll hurt me again but strangely I don't even feel the pain
Now call me and I'll come running, call me and I'll come crawling
To the dephts of your decayed soul, to the end of your corrupted body

I'll make the ocean open for you, I'll make the mountains bend down for you
I'll play the part you want me to play, I'll find sweetness in sacrifice
I'll walk all the Stations of the Cross and then crucify myself for you
I'll put the nails in my hands and feet, I'll do it slowly and sweetly
I'll suffer for you, I'll die for your sins and let you wash in my bloodstream
I'll tear off your angel wings, I'll make a real women out of you
I guess by now we understand each other, this game needs no winner or loser
There's gonna be no happy ending, no dancing, no angels singing
Come to me come to me

Where they come from, nobody knows
Where they're heading to, nobody goes
They don't make no money and got no soul
But their wretched bodies stand up hard beneath the blows
No hand reaches out to bless, there's no sweet smell of success

Self centered obsession, pointless repetition
Who cares how I feel, what's fake and what's real ?
Well, you don't but we do
That's why we'll never feel, I guess, the sweet smell of success

We thought we had the solution, the missing link in evolution
We tried to forget everything and start back at the beginning
We had one chance in a million, we knew we were bound to lose
What's left for us to do except to start singing the Blues
And we'll never feel, I guess, the sweet smell of success

You better tie me up before I do something wrong
Before I hurt somebody, before I hurt myself
You better lie to me, tell me what I want to hear
Then I'll lie to you, pretend I'm something I'm not
Lock me up in my room, tie me up to the bed
'Cause I'm quite different from what you see
I'm not the man you thought I'd be
Under a different light you wouldn't recognise me
I'm on the outside looking in...on the inside...looking out...

We could talk but would we say
We could talk but what would you learn ?
Now that I've stripped my soul naked for you
You know everything about me What would you learn ?
Maybe things I don't even know myself
So please, let me nurse you in my arms
Please let me lick the sweat off your back
Close your eyes and sing me that Crystals song :
" He hit me and it felt like a kiss He hit me and it felt like a kiss..."

Can U dig it baby, can U dig that sound ?
Can U dig it baby...from Memphis Underground...

Well the Dum Dum Boys have started it all
And the whole world took off like a cannonball
It's a brand new thing called Modern Rock'n'Roll
Born in the dephts of the volcanic action of my soul
Can U dig it baby, can U dig that sound ?
Can U dig it baby, from Memphis Underground
Can U feel it comin', can U feel it crawlin' ?
Well U got it baby, U got it baby !

Fix yourself a drink, turn the lights real low
Then turn up the volume of your Stereo
Now I want you to stop wasting all this energy
Concentrate on one thing and dance without moving
Can U dig...etc