Rock’n’roll on acid, Pop mixed with strange sounds loops… the DDB are flirting with lots of different genres and atmospheres with their varied instrumentation : acoustic, electronic, sound effects, samples for a surprising –and sometimes even disconcerting- result. They have an indisputable talent for songwriting and arrangements, every song is an hallucinogenic Pop gem.

Detached and in a world of their own, the more « glam-sleazy-psyche-fuzz » R’n’R band re-invent themselves : minimal, visceral and subliminal !

Still not too well known by large audiences, the DDB carry on their musical adventures. In the line of their great « Zebra Phonic » and « Electronic Pop Music », this new album explores new electro-be bop territories : a world where garage influences mix with electronic experiments. Guitars, synths, samples and beatboxes judiciously intermingled to create an extremely convincing mutant R’n’Roll. With their varied atmosphere, the 11 songs wanders between claasic rock and pop and neo modernist experimentation : perverted and haunting 60’s ballads, stimulating dance numbers and adrenalin rushes. Innovative and full of ideas, their home-made sound is quite indifferent to conventional uses and produce a freshen up and out-of-the-ordinary album.

 This new record by the DDB will be only half-new for those who bought last year's 10’’ and 7’’ vinyl releases but it still is a must-buy. Their tours with the Make Up and Andre Williams have left some traces, this modern electro pop album covers new grounds and even flirts with Propellerheads’style soundtrack music on « Bubblegum ».

Mixing soul, groove and electro in a rock deconstruction enterprise, the DDB invent the Third Millenium Twist with an invigorating nonchalance.

After a handful of founder albums, the DDB take off their dark shades and renew their conception of R’n’R. This C.D mixes the genres (garage, psyche, soul) and diverts their codes, right in its Time but with a retro futurist side like a cheap and off-the-track science fiction movie.

 60's atmospheres and songwriting but with Jon Spencer BX’s style experiments, Pop harmonies but with a punk approach.

 Very explicit title and sleeve, two porno movies' sountracks, a record label called Vicious Circle, the DDB seem obsessed by the epileptic motions of bodies, the sweat of the flesh, the coupling of different kinds ! It's no wonder then that their poppers-filled rock jump on tables, exhibit its most secret parts and invites moog, trumpet and turntables'scratching to an orgy on the decrepit carpet of the Blues ! The DDB have the complete control of their instruments and take their libidinous music to extreme positions. Every song of "Soul Bondage Deluxe" is an electric and eclectic mini-orgasm, a stimulation of the G-point (G as in groove) ! Their astonishing over-vitality borders on priapism and calls for bromide rather than viagra as prescription !

 "Let the DDB make you a hi-fi demonstration of what modern rock'n'roll is all about", this record's intro says it all ! You can re-generate R'n'R without looking backwards, the Make-up, beck or Jon Spencer have demonstrated this and this combo from Nice understood it too. Rather than lying low in their psychedelic garage, they have chosen to fly high and go to Space to meet "Nude women on the moon" with their "dancable revolution".
Moog, synth and sampled loops are the instruments of this mutation, without leaving guitars behind to show their difference. The first song,"Bubblegum" is a mix between house music and spatial R'n'R, relly groovy, "Never give up" is a psyche ballad and "Electronic Pop Music" an enjoyable situationist collage, "Nude women on the moon" takes the band into orbit on a fuzzy flying carpet. At the end of this kaleidoscopic and retro-futurist trip, you realise that the DDB have kept their psyche/garage spirit but have broken its rigid codes and extended to the limits their musical horizons. Pyromaniacs rather than keepers of the flame !
Philippe Richard (Magic)

Their name comes from a Iggy Pop song about the Stooges. What's the connection ? Well, like the god-fathers of Punk in their time, those four dudes have a special place on the rock scene, "Soul Bondage Deluxe", their new album, is a sonic flying saucer, a compilation of variuos references to the underground music of the last forty years. Mixing, with an astonishing and really seducing cohesion, garage rock, 60's echoes, fuzzbox, psychedelic moog, electro cha-cha, funky beats but also the ghosts of Johnny Thunders, Suicide and Pierre Henry. Their electro-noisy-hip hop a lula metdown will be a real shakedown Live !

A new and must buy 10’’ in which they deliver their unique retro futurist vision of R’n’R : funky rythms, fuzz and wah wah guitars, electro sounds and strange samples. An incredibly modern mix of 60's influences and far out psychedelia. A very important and visionary band !

Not too far from the Make Up, a mix between psychedelic twist and hot soul, savage scratching, fuzz guitar and wild female background voices ! Fun , dancable and noisy !



The DDB have a true vision and their music don’t owe anything to nobody. Their songwriting goes straight to the bone and doesn't get lost trying to follow others’ paths. They are still passionate about oustiders, inner wounds and outer space music. Their fascinating last album put them very high in our pantheon, close to the very best.

They have kept only the best and the purest of the past music, they are the European answer to the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion or the Make Up. They «conceptualize» their music like Warhol did with our everyday life’s objects. Like mad sonic doctors in their underground laboratory , they dissect, manipulate and experiment with moog, farfisa and fuzzboxes in little tubes. They have the secret recipe to make us lose all our inhibitions and start a crusade against banality like the true Kings of retro futurism that they are.

 Electronica and groove added to their noisy sound makes this their best album yet. The best French band in action without contest.

 Fuzz, dance and fun, out of this world style and class, samples and electronic, rock and trash !

 Used to out-of-the-ordinary gigs like playing in sex shops, gas station or art galleries and new experiences like writing soundtracks for porno movies…the DDB are back with their melodic and electronic pop with a psychedelic edge.

 Home recorded but with a perfect sound (no lo-fi !), great songs, Charles Manson as cover star, a lot of class, heart and soul, their best album to date.

 When a lot of bands lose their edge or enthousiasm, the DDB are always on the move, looking for new territories and ideas to explore, samples, strange sounds and electronic experiments to use and abuse. Like the Blues Explosion, they use dancing rythms, larsens, deep voice, cool groove and romantic melodies. With the DDB, tomorrow is already here today !



This highly commendable record is a good chance to praise this band, going on for nearly 10 years (this is their fifth record). Their change of formation has made their Velvet-influenced garage evolve towards sound experimentations. The result has an undeniable charm : sensuous vocals, explosions of fuzz and larsen, a good dose of R’n’R, winks to the 50's and 60's, noisy flashes, extremist attempts and even ballads balancing between cooling down and chaos. When you learn that this treasure has been recorded in their flat with a 4-track cassette recorder, you can only deplore the lack of imagination of major companies, putting huge sums of money on phony products while ignoring great bands like the DDB.

 Bad luck seems to pursue them : too wild for 60’s rock amateurs, too garage oriented for experimentalists. Hidden behind their legendary dark shades and their disdainful attitude, the DDB excell in hypnotic trance, splattered with vicious fuzz guitars. They have developed –half seriously- the concept of « Zebraphonic » and « Transistorised » Sound, the former allowing tp play the music of the future with the sound of the past and the latter allowing…the opposite ! They strip their pop melodies to the bone and dress them again with new  clothes. Excellent !

 For their new album, the DDB have locked themselves in a cage with three she-tigers in mink bondage, surrounded by their fuzzy-surf-garage compilations, the complete discographies of Suicide, the Shangri La’s and the V.U., new poses of arrogance, covers of Gerschwin and Jack Starr and a 4-track ca
ssette recorder. The result : 17 songs as cold,precise and enjoyable as the stroke of a rusty knive in the eye of an electric ray !

 17 titles, 65 mn of music, the DDB release this week their most ambitious album. A great summary of what they do so well but also new direction for the more European of our bands. Having started as a psychedelic and minimalist band (influenced by the Velvet, Suicide and Spacemen 3) they have now a wider spectrum : vivid ballads, electro noisy, industrial, straight rock. On stage they have their caracteristic show : hypnotic and strange atmosphere, dark shades, screams, white lightning and stoboscopy, violent and disturbing pictures projected behind them. They zig zag between absolute modernity and decadent « modern style », falsely passeist.

 The fact that they hang around the swells of porno bisiness (they did the soundtrack of « Pornovista », shown on Canal+) doesn’t mean that the DDB are boys of easy virtue ! From their tower in Nice they play the part of the incorruoptible vigils of French garage rock. Two years after the « Hypnovista » album, they are back on the front line, at war against their time. By substituting their drummer for the hypnotic swing of a rythm machine, they  have gotten closer to alan Vega's Suicide. Minimalist and hurted. Loose and terrorist. Lysergic and hazy. Dark but wonderfully pure.